Coming out of Covid-Hibernation?

Author By Jim Lara

A new day dawns in Flight Operations.

With COVID-19 cases beginning to decline and the vaccine becoming more readily available, there is good reason for optimism. Question is — are flight departments well positioned to turn the corner?  Emerging from the pandemic, how will Aviation’s value proposition shift within your company? Is flight activity increasing or likely to increase soon? Are utilization patterns likely to change? Are you prepared?

There’s no better time than now to consider where your Aviation operation stands today with respect to industry best-practices, and how to make things even better going forward.

If there’s even an inkling of a case for improvement, Gray Stone Aviation Advisors can help. Two of our most popular services, the Current State Assessment™ and our two-day, facilitated offsite experience, The Way Forward™, are each tailor-made to have Aviation prepare for brighter skies ahead.

Let’s start with the Current State Assessment or CSA.

The CSA provides a clear and concise snapshot of where your Aviation units stands today vis a vis industry best practices AND its readiness to return to ‘normal.’ We look at the entire aviation organization, its operating norms, drill down to the department’s REAL value proposition for the host organization and where it ranks versus critical ‘Best in Class’ measures.  The CSA highlights the areas of excellence and provides remedial strategies and tactics for those elements where improvement is called for.

You will receive a detailed CSA summary report and an actionable ‘punch list’ by which to close performance gaps in the near term.

Then there’s The Way Forward.

The Way Forward is a two-day focused and facilitated session designed especially for the Aviation Leadership Team, that can be cascaded down into the organization to achieve greater team engagement.

It helps the aviation organization reset or reaffirm its direction, its true ‘reason for being’ from a strategic perspective, determine how it will actualize that purpose, tactically, during the next 12-18 months and then define the covenants as to how the team will work together going forward. You will have set a clear direction and defined how Aviation will “Get There.”

This session is the way to be sure the flight department is optimally aligned with the entire host organization and is perceived as a valued strategic business partner. Your organization will be ready to make the future happen.

Do either of these custom-built programs sound like the ticket to your flight department’s emergence from Covid-hibernation? Join those who are gaining a fresh understanding and maximizing the value that business aviation creates. Talk to Jim Lara at 1-865-357-5077 to get going.