Aviation Staffing Levels Model – Crew Count™

About Crew Count™

Crew Count™ is an innovative crewmember staffing model that reduces the amount of guesswork involved in determining proper headcount levels. It does so by more accurately quantifying the requirements specific to a flight operation's goals.

Proper staffing of pilots and flight attendants ensures a running a safe and efficient operation. Plus, it gives your crew the quality of life they desire.

In this industry, however, finding that ideal balance can often be difficult.

Requesting headcount adjustments is often a delicate subject at corporate headquarters. But Crew Count is a new and effective way to quantify your staffing levels and have a facts-based discussion with your aviation reporting executive.

Crew Count will help you retain team members over the long term, attract new employees and avoid the costs of repetitive training of new employees and/or contract staff.

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