Aviation Performance Dashboards

About Aviation Performance Dashboards

Aviation Performance Dashboards are the flight department’s way of communicating financial, safety and key operational performance metrics in a way that senior executives understand.

Visually communicate measures most relevant to the aviation department. Track performance against what your organization is being held accountable to.

Your highly customized reports will provide crisp and clear snapshots of business aviation performance in order to:

  • Achieve Financial Targets
  • Measure Operational Performance
  • Track Safety Goals
  • Assess Position Relative to the Aviation Industry Best-Practices 

Only Measure What Matters.

Do you struggle to parse aviation system information into actionable reports?

Instant access to measure and record aviation activity is readily available, but the ability to digest and analyze it all is a challenge.

Move away from the mountain of data and towards relevant strategic snapshots of key performance indicators. Through routine qualitative and quantitative data  analysis, collate your aviation department’s business-focused data and frame organization performance into C-Suite-Friendly reports. The result is a deeper understanding of operational performance and attention cues to areas that require monitoring or improvement.

Gray Stone Advisors will work with aviation department managers and corporate executives to define what data is most relevant to your organization, what measures currently exist and to what measures the organization is held accountable to. We then produce highly customized dashboards specific to your organization.

What gets measured gets improved.

  • Evidence at your fingertips to support decision making;
  • Routine and systematic reporting reveals overall organization performance;
  • Measure internal performance against what the department is actually being held accountable to;
  • Highlight when something is amiss;
  • Explore problem areas, make internal changes and track progress goals.

Establish Aviation Dashboards to provide effective communication of the ‘vital few’ business aviation performance metrics.

How to Get Started

A Gray Stone advisor will conduct an interview with the aviation director and aviation reporting executive to determine metrics that are relevant to report within the aviation department and to the executive levels.

Next, we establish a visual representation, with your organization’s key parameters and operational definitions, of your organization’s aviation dashboards.

Gray Stone Advisors will assist in sourcing the relevant data that compiles your organization’s dashboards. We work with your team to determine existing system reports and define other data collection processes, as needed. It does not matter what software or system you are using, we can tailor this process to whatever systems you currently have in your operation. Each dashboard is tailored specifically to your organization and the integration process is universal to all data storage and aviation reporting systems.

Gray Stone Advisors will collate your organization’s data sets into visual dashboards complete with analysis, trends and advisor commentary. As your organization’s goals and objectives shift, Gray Stone Advisors is ready to assist. Your operational definitions, reporting instructions and dashboards are revised to fit organizational changes, new reporting requirements and track new initiatives.

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