For 25 years, we've been helping to "simplify the business of business aviation" by teaching aviation managers to speak the language of business. Learn more by viewing our videos below.

SOLS: Speaking With Your Principal – Expectations Teaser Video

The NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) puts on a Small Operator Learning Series (SOLS) in which our principal, Jim Lara, participated. The topic was Effective Communications with Your Principal and the takeaways were many. Give a listen to the NBAA’s teaser for this event that took place on March 16th, 2021. The event was meant to help managers be more professional and clear-cut when talking to their bosses. If this has whetted your appetite, go here to read a blog on the very same subject!


CFBAA Speaker Series Presents – Jim Lara Gray Stone Advisors

Join CFBAA for a virtual chat with Jim Lara, Founder and Principal of Gray Stone Advisors. Jim brings over forty years of experience helping Business Aviation leaders develop high-performing individuals and teams, align those teams with their enterprise’s goals, and enable operations to regain stability, traction and profitability.


What is a Current State Assessment from Gray Stone Advisors?

Dozens of aviation directors have relied upon Gray Stone Advisors to take a broad and comprehensive look at their entire aviation organization.

The end-result is a totally objective and fact-based assessment of “how goes it” — from one end of the flight department to the other.

Following completion of the Current State Assessment™, your organization will have a baseline from which to measure its performance with respect to all expectations placed upon it.

This report provides a reference point from which progress, change and growth can be measured.

Both Part 91 and Part 135 aviation organizations can benefit from a Current State Assessment.


How is Gray Stone Advisors a ‘Catalyst for Change’ for Flight Departments?

Senior Advisor Steve Brechter defines how Gray Stone Advisors serves as a “Catalyst for Change” within business aviation flight departments. This is done by teaching business skills to highly skilled technical people and helping align the aviation team with the aviation reporting executive and corporate office.


Why Engage Gray Stone Advisors to Assist your Aviation Department?

Gray Stone’s Senior Advisor of Operations, Steve Brechter, explains the business benefits, including the ability to develop performance metrics and improving alignment between the flight department and corporation.


How Business Aviation Flight Departments Can Engage in Fleet Planning

How should corporate flight departments engage in fleet planning? Jim Lara and Steve Brechter from Gray Stone Advisors advise business aviation leaders and reporting executives on the process.


Financial Modeling and Predictive Metrics for Corporate Flight Departments

How can I create a financial model and predictive metrics for my flight department? Jim Lara and Steve Brechter of Gray Stone Advisors share how they work with directly with corporate flight departments, corporate finance and corporate accounting to create a chart of accounts that meet their needs.


How to Improve Business Performance for your Business Aviation Organization

What’s the best way to ensure long-lasting business performance for your business aviation organization? By getting focused on why you exist, why you’re in business. Gray Stone Advisors’ Steve Brechter talks about how flight departments can improve business performance.


The Business of Business Aviation

Are you ready to lead your business aviation organization to the next level of performance? Find out Gray Stone Advisors’ 7 keys to success in business aviation.


Client Experience: Hope Aviation Eric Barfield

Learn how Gray Stone Advisors is helping business aviation leaders create effective and sustainable solutions within their Part 91 flight departments. Hope Aviation Insurance’s Director of Operations Eric Barfield shares why business aviation leaders should consider working with the 20-year-old aviation consulting firm.


Client Experience: Manager of Aircraft Operations Major U.S. Food Producer

Learn how Gray Stone Advisors helps business aviation teams define “The Way Forward.” Hear from a manager of aircraft operations who has worked with the aviation consulting firm to rebuild trust within his flight department and coach the team to leverage existing resources and make positive changes.


Client Experience: Aviation Director

Learn how the business aviation consulting firm, Gray Stone Advisors, helps coach leaders to reach new heights.. Hear from a Part 91 director of aviation who shares why he relies on advisors from Gray Stone for coaching and professional development.


Client Experience: Sheryl Barden

Learn how the business aviation consultants at Gray Stone Advisors listen, coach and help people succeed within Part 91 flight departments. CEO Sheryl Barden of Aviation Personnel International shares why business aviation leaders should consider working with Jim Lara and Steve Brecther.


Client Experience: Leigh White, SVP, CurAegis

Learn how Gray Stone Advisors enables cultural and organizational change within Part 91 flight departments. CurAegis SVP Leigh White shares why business aviation leaders should consider using the reputable bizav consulting firm.


Client Experience: Guardian Jet Don Dwyer

Learn how Gray Stone Advisors is helping business aviation leaders reach their full potential. Guardian Jet’s Don Dwyer shares how the role of today’s Part 91 flight department manager has changed, and how Jim Lara and Steve Brechter can help those managers to be the best they can possibly be.


Praise for our Articles and e-Newsletter, The Advisor

Doug Schwartz Manager, Global Aviation Services, ConocoPhillips

"The Advisor newsletters have been great. They always contain useful and thought provoking material, are short easy reads and well constructed. I get about 200 emails a day and delete many without reading them. I always read these. Good work."

Joe Loccisano (formerly Director of Maintenance, CSC Transport)

"Your aviation maintenance metrics article is spot on. We tend to focus on getting the job done, focusing on speed and quality. You have taught us that the measurement and documentation of the accomplishments are VERY important downtown [at corporate]. They (executives) need to be shown the value we provide in terms they can understand. It truly is the only way for them to justify our existence and appreciate the service we provide. Your entire site should be required reading for all flight departments in my opinion."