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Pivotal topics for the Aviation Leader, presented one topic per video, actionable by you immediately. These are the topics which will take your leadership prowess to the next level. And, we are available to work with you, one on one.

Metrics & Dashboarding for Business Aviation

Essential concepts and specifics using Metrics and Dashboarding techniques designed for the Aviation Reporting Executive and internal leaders within the Flight Department.


Get More Done Within Your Flight Department

How to successfully use outside Operating Partners to achieve significant results in your flight department on a cost effective basis within compressed time periods.


Finance & Communication for Business Aviation Leaders

Jim reviews 5 fundamental concepts that will help ensure your success in business aviation, with no MBA or business degree required!


How Flight Departments Can Stay on ‘The Corporate Radar’

Which is better – being proactive, reactive or passive? Consider the key points for your flight department’s approach explained in this edition of ‘The One Minute Advisor’.


Clear Focus & Direction in Your Corporate Flight Department

Learn how to achieve and maintain that ‘Forward Lean’ in your aviation organization. Even flight departments that are IS-BAO stage 3 registered can continue to strive toward excellence.


Is Your Flight Department’s SMS Really Doing Its Job?

A 7 point litmus test to ensure the effectiveness of your flight department’s Safety Management System. Learn about helping your entire aviation organization feel included and motivated toward achieving your safety goals.


Reclaiming Flight Department’s Value & Relevance in a Post-Pandemic Environment

Learn how to ensure that your flight department’s value to the corporation, as well as its relevance, are maintained in these volatile times.


My Lessons Learned May Save Your Bacon – Survival Skills in Private Aviation

Benefit from ‘lessons learned’ by a couple of aviation industry veterans ready to share their industry wisdom.


COVID-19 – Increasing Aircraft Utilization in the Post-Pandemic Environment

Learn about innovation in “People Movement Logistics” to improve confidence in your corporate flight department. Jim and Steve review methods for developing and implementing novel operating practices which add value to the Corporation.


COVID-19’s Impact on Business Aviation – Regaining Passengers’ Travel Comfort

Learn about establishing an ‘End-to-End Health Corridor’ for your business aviation passengers. Jim and Steve contrast the number of ‘touch points’ when traveling on public airlines vs. private aviation and review how risk mitigation is achieved.


COVID-19’s Impact Upon Business Aviation – What’s Waking You at 2am?

We had in depth discussions with 15 of the business aviation industry’s most accomplished leaders on the topic of their unresolved concerns today. How do they match up with yours?


Organizational Leadership in Aviation and a Most Powerful Tool

Learn about an ancient manuscript that will help you understand and master the most powerful business leadership concepts and practices. With each reading, your understanding will become deeper and stronger.


Critical Communications Within The Business Aviation Flight Department

Steve Brechter walks you through effective techniques to maintain unity and alignment through clear and effective communication within your aviation organization.


One Minute Advisor: Inaugural Edition

Learn why we created this video series & meet Gray Stone Advisors’ team members Jim Lara & Steve Brechter. One Minute Advisor aims to communicate important concepts that every business aviation professional and corporate aviation leader should know.


Praise for our Blog and e-Newsletter, The Advisor

Doug Schwartz Manager, Global Aviation Services, ConocoPhillips

"The Advisor newsletters have been great. They always contain useful and thought provoking material, are short easy reads and well constructed. I get about 200 emails a day and delete many without reading them. I always read these. Good work."

Joe Loccisano (formerly Director of Maintenance, CSC Transport)

"Your aviation maintenance metrics article is spot on. We tend to focus on getting the job done, focusing on speed and quality. You have taught us that the measurement and documentation of the accomplishments are VERY important downtown [at corporate]. They (executives) need to be shown the value we provide in terms they can understand. It truly is the only way for them to justify our existence and appreciate the service we provide. Your entire site should be required reading for all flight departments in my opinion."