IS-BAO Readiness & Audit Preparation

About IS-BAO Readiness

IS-BAO is the global standard of operational excellence for business aviation.

Achieving IS-BAO registration is vitally important for every N-registered aircraft operating in international airspace. It’s also an important means of demonstrating to your parent company that the flight department is utilizing the latest industry techniques in safety and risk mitigation.

Equally important is to progress through the three stages of registration, demonstrating increasing levels of incorporation of the standard at each registration level achieved.

The three stages of IS-BAO registration include:

Stage 1: The operator has incorporated the requirements of the IS-BAO standard into their written documentation.

Stage 2: The operator can provide objective evidence that the requirements of the standard are fully in use and that the standard is truly a 'way of life.'

Stage 3: The operator can demonstrate that the standard is fully absorbed and reflected in the culture of both the operator and parent company or entity.

Do you want to achieve IS-BAO registration, but just don’t have the organizational bandwidth by which to do so?

Gray Stone Advisors goes to work with you flight department team in a ‘force multiplier’ capacity to help your team achieve IS-BAO registration in short order.

IS-BAO registration can be achieved easier and faster if properly planned and when the organization truly embraces the requirements.


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