Aviation Flight Department Review – Current State Assessment™

About Current State Assessment 

Dozens of organizations reply upon Gray Stone Advisors to provide a comprehensive look at their entire aviation organization. The end result is a totally objective and fact-based aviation flight department review. It's a "how goes it" -- from one end of the flight department to the other.

Following completion of the Current State Assessment™, your organization will have a baseline from which to measure its performance with respect to all expectations placed upon it. This report provides a reference point from which progress, change and growth can be measured.

  • Shows the parent company that your aviation organization is "at the top of their game."
  • Helps qualify the value of business aviation, demonstrating it as the strategic business partner to the parent company.
  • Provides a vital means of staying abreast of the latest industry developments.

Why have many leaders found the Current State Assessment™ to be so valuable?

Plain and simple: It provides an unbiased, external perspective and a validation of your efforts.

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