Is a Leadership Role Really Right for You?

Author By Jim Lara

And if it is, what’s required to be a “Leader?” First, you have to have a true passion for guiding people. Be very honest with yourself. Why do you want to be a “leader?” Is it just for the title or the money? That won’t be enough to carry you to success. In fact, you

Are You Ready to Be a Mentor? 6 Steps to Get You Started

Author By Jim Lara

Have you achieved personal or professional success as a result of working with a talented mentor? Has someone helped you get to where you are today by showing you ‘the ropes’? If so, perhaps you’re ready to pay it forward and become an advisor to someone who wants to elevate their career or personal pursuits to a much higher level. Becoming an effective mentor takes a lot of time and energy—and there are do’s and don’ts so take heed (and read on).

Hire Right! Competency-Based Recruiting in Business Aviation

Author By Steve Brechter

For all the great things we do in business aviation, taking the time to define the success criteria for a key position — and then hiring against those needs — is often not one of them. So here’s why it’s vitally important to use competency-based recruiting techniques to fill every position within your flight department.