Aviation Benchmarking

About Aviation Benchmarking

These days it’s more important than ever to be able to demonstrate your flight department’s performance relative to its industry peers.

The magnifying glass under which flight departments now find themselves is the result of an intense corporate focus on cost and efficiency. We in business aviation manage a significant asset base and we need to show that we are managing it as effectively or better than anyone else. Every asset employed must create value.

Do you know the means by which to compare your flight department against others? Do you know how to clearly define the benchmarking attributes and have the bandwidth conduct an effective benchmarking study?

With its vast network of industry contacts, Gray Stone can help you construct a benchmarking study among peer group operators and determine where you stand, in short order. We can also help construct a gap analysis and closure action plan.

No doubt you've heard the buzzwords "best in class." It often sounds a bit over-the-top to hear a company or organization call itself the "best" at something. Unless, of course, it really is.


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