About Gray Stone Advisors

Customized Consulting for Private & Business Aviation

Since 1996, we've combined our experience in business and in aviation to work with all layers of aviation personnel, corporate senior executives and family office representatives. Simply put, we help our clients simplify the "business" of business aviation. And, in turn, our clients become adept in each of the aspects of leading and operating private and business aviation organizations.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Gray Stone’s engagements. Rather, the only common denominator is that we focus on the Business of Business Aviation. Each client engagement is a unique opportunity requiring a customized mix of skill sets. Highly talented cross-functional team members are carefully selected for each engagement to effectively address and tailor solutions to a wide spectrum of client requirements.

Meet the Team

Jim Lara

Principal and Senior Advisor

Steve Brechter

Senior Advisor, Operations

Rick Stone

Senior Advisor, Finance

Shannon Rupe

Senior Project Manager

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Reach even higher levels of operating and fiscal performance

Quantify and maximize the value created by business aviation operations

Align the aviation organization with the strategic direction of the host enterprise

Focus on operational performance metrics, financial strategies and fleet plans

Improve service culture and further develop the aviation team