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What's Keeping Your Flight Department From Really Taking Off?

We don't sell airplanes. We don't appraise aircraft. NO.

What we DO is help you optimize the effectiveness of your flight department!

We can be your expert and empathetic partners in maximizing aviation's value to the host organization or corporation.  With 25+ years’ experience guiding aviation organizations from Start-Ups to Fortune 500 companies and individual owners, we evaluate and amplify client aviation groups’ strengths and all but eliminate weaknesses.

Gray Stone Aviation Advisors focuses on “Simplifying the Business of Business Aviation” while helping our clients run their aviation organizations as strategic business units.

How Can We Help?

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Are you at a CRITICAL point?

Do you need immediate help with corporate communications, justifying headcount, creating your budget? Are you experiencing organizational strife or are you behind in preparation for IS-BAO registration? We can help!

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Are you UNSURE?

You may not even know what’s wrong in your flight department. That’s OK. We’ve seen it all. We bring solutions to light.

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Are you in PLANNING and ASSESSMENT mode?

Do you want to optimize the department’s performance and be the best aviation organization your company has ever seen? Count on us to get you there.

""They had the perfect mix of experience, insight, empathy, fortitude, and just plain old ‘been-there-done-that’ to help get us off the roller coaster and back on level ground.”"

— Manager of Aircraft Operations, Major U.S. Food Producer

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We Help GOOD Aviation Departments Become GREAT Ones

Our customized Prescriptions for Performance are practical, actionable, and prioritized. We help you leverage Best Practices to achieve Best in Class performance in your corporate flight department. Along the way, we become your strategic and tactical partners.

You’ll be proud of your team and astonished at their quick and sure progress. Our business aviation consultants will help you develop a day-to-day operating plan featuring early and significant wins.

Ready to Talk?

We understand your challenges, truly speak your language and have experienced the challenges you face. We’re excited about the possibilities for your enhanced success!

Get in touch with Jim Lara or a member of the Gray Stone Aviation Team. You’ll get Reality-Based and Value-Packed Aviation Guidance. You’ll find the phone call itself highly enlightening. It’s free and confidential.

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