The Way Forward™ – A 2-day program for business aviation leaders

About The Way Forward

Facilitated by Gray Stone Advisors' senior leaders, The Way Forward™ is a two-day offsite experience, bringing together your aviation organization's key functional leaders, to focus on defining your path ahead.

The objective is to unify your team, define a clear and actionable path forward and create alignment with corporate and/or the host organization.

The outcomes of this session include a newly defined set of vision, mission and value statements for the organization. You'll also develop a one-year forward-looking operating plan and a set of key leadership competencies—all of which will be aligned with your host company.

Your functional leaders will emerge from the offsite energized and with a new arsenal of tools and techniques to help your aviation organization achieve the ‘next level’ of operating excellence.

You'll gain a new, agreed-upon organizational direction and alignment among the members on how you’ll get there.

All in just two, intensive days!

Business aviation organizations of all sizes are reaping big benefits as Gray Stone Advisors helps teams "define their future" and develop a game plan for success.


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