Summer Tune-up for Aviation Leaders

Author By Jim Lara
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Summer is officially upon us this month and, for many, it means taking some time to relax “out of our element” and take stock of where we’ve been, where we are at present and where we might beheading.

As a business aviation operator and business leader, I find that a “summer tune-up” can be a very worthwhile endeavor.


Time for a Summer Tune-up

For those of you working in high-performing aviation organizations who might be planning a “summer tune-up,” I’d like to re-share one of Gray Stone’s most popular blogs: “How to Overcome 10 Lethal Organizational Threats.”

It deals with “taking stock” of where you are. And I think the idea is beginning to catch on.

In fact, this article has been shared across various social media platforms more than 1,100 times thus far.

Take a look at the blog, if you will, because I’d like to comment on the 10 threats it lists.

When I think about these perennial areas of risk to every organization on the planet, I ask myself the question: “How good or how poor are we at each of these, really?”


Aviation Leaders: Time to Look in the Mirror

So, join me for this “look in the mirror” and consider the following:

  • How good are our communications both internally (within the organization) and with our clients/customers/executive travelers?
  • Is each one of us taking the initiative to continually develop ourselves as professionals and humans so that we can consistently add value to our enterprise?
  • Do we truly empower both those within our organizations and our collaborators, so that everyone has the opportunity to exceed their perceived limits in the areas of contribution and performance?
  • Are we consistently achieving alignment,both internally and externally?
  • Are we demonstrating humility, and never allowing an entitlement attitude to creep in?
  • Are we achieving balance,both in our personal and professional identities?
  • Do we tolerate poor performance, or do we confront it in a constructive manner?
  • Are we coaching upward, and are we receptive to being coached from those who offer us differing perspectives?
  • Are we effectively setting the tone, direction and cultural norms that reduce cross-functional strife?
  • Are we holding fast to our core strategy and supporting tactics, or are we succumbing,from time to time, to the “program of the month”?

And, of course, most importantly, how are we materially and continuously improving our organization’s performance in each of these areas?

For, as we know, we are not now, nor will we ever be, “THERE.”


Wrap Up

For me, these are fundamental considerations that are brewing in the back of my mind–in every season.

But during this summer “tune-up,” it’s an opportune time for all of us to bring these top 10 organizational threats to center stage for careful consideration in the brilliant summer light of reality.

How are you doing? We would enjoy hearing from you!