SOLS: Speaking With Your Principal – Expectations Teaser Video

The NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) puts on a Small Operator Learning Series (SOLS) in which our principal, Jim Lara, participated. The topic was Effective Communications with Your Principal and the takeaways were many. Give a listen to the NBAA’s teaser for this event that took place on March 16th, 2021. The event was meant to help managers be more professional and clear-cut when talking to their bosses. If this has whetted your appetite, go here to read a blog on the very same subject!


CFBAA Speaker Series Presents – Jim Lara Gray Stone Advisors

Join CFBAA for a virtual chat with Jim Lara, Founder and Principal of Gray Stone Advisors. Jim brings over forty years of experience helping Business Aviation leaders develop high-performing individuals and teams, align those teams with their enterprise’s goals, and enable operations to regain stability, traction and profitability.


What is a Current State Assessment from Gray Stone Advisors?

Dozens of aviation directors have relied upon Gray Stone Advisors to take a broad and comprehensive look at their entire aviation organization.

The end-result is a totally objective and fact-based assessment of “how goes it” — from one end of the flight department to the other.

Following completion of the Current State Assessment™, your organization will have a baseline from which to measure its performance with respect to all expectations placed upon it.

This report provides a reference point from which progress, change and growth can be measured.

Both Part 91 and Part 135 aviation organizations can benefit from a Current State Assessment.


The Business of Business Aviation

Are you ready to lead your business aviation organization to the next level of performance? Find out Gray Stone Advisors’ 7 keys to success in business aviation.