Creating Value with Metrics and Aviation Performance Dashboards

What gets measured, gets improved—which is why many business aviation organizations and their corporate executives rely on Gray Stone Advisors' monthly, C-suite-friendly reports.

Our three main metrics-based solutions include: Internal Metrics, External Metrics and Business Aviation Performance Dashboards.

Internal Metrics

Aviation organizations have always had the ability to measure and record activity-based data—such as origin, destination, average stage length, number of aircraft hours, etc.—yet the challenge is in knowing how to turn that data into actionable and value-based knowledge. 

At Gray Stone Advisors, we help you answer two key questions: 'So What?' and 'Relative to What?'

We do this by collaborating with aviation leaders and your corporate executives to review your business aviation operations amid thousands of data points.

Activity-based effectiveness measures at the functional group and overall flight department levels.

  • What does this data from the flight department actually mean?
  • How can we use historical patterns to make better future use of our aviation assets?
  • Are we making the right procurement decisions (such as jet fuel, third party maintenance, etc.?)
  • Should we make a change to our basing strategy or fleet mix?
  • When should we acquire new aircraft?

External Metrics

Value-based effectiveness measures appropriate for corporate reporting.

Using statistical analysis, analytics and executive reporting techniques, we then produce highly customized and relevant strategic snapshots of key performance indicators and key measurements, such as value creation.

  • How does my flight department stack-up against other flight departments of my company's size or vertical?
  • How do we compare against fellow CEOs or board members with flight departments?


Dashboard Reporting Aviation Performance Dashboards

Effective communication of the "vital few" business aviation performance metrics.

GSA's Business Aviation Performance Dashboards are not "one size fits all." The end result is an automated monthly report that will help your aviation department managers and corporate executives partner together to use their aviation assets more effectively, by answering the following questions:


Find out how to communicate your aviation organization's value to corporate

We'd love to demonstrate how we're making headways at major Fortune 500 and emerging companies.

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What Hewlett-Packard has to say:

"I have had the opportunity to engage Gray Stone Advisors on benchmarking and development of performance-based metrics for our organization.

And I can speak very favorably on their ability to meet aggressive project timelines and all final [Performance Dashboard] reports are well understood at the executive suite level. Additionally, their professional and low-key interface with HP Aviation staff has facilitated and open exchange and teachable moments for all involved team members." 

-Richard J. Walsh, Director of Aviation and Global Resiliency, Hewlett-Packard Company