Business Aviation Consulting Services for Aircraft Owners & Operators

CEOs, CFOs and aviation reporting executives rely on the aviation consulting firm, Gray Stone Advisors, for quality business, operational, financial and legal advice.

For more than 20 years, our firm has provided a wide array of custom business aviation consulting services. If it's related to business jet ownership and operations, we've got you covered.

We assist our aviation clients -- namely Part 91 flight departments -- in maximizing and quantifying the value created by their business aviation operations and reach even higher levels of operating and financial performance.

And, we help business aviation flight departments align with the strategic direction of the parent company or host enterprise. We do this by providing bespoke aviation management consulting services.

To learn more, we invite you to meet our team and review the following aviation consulting services.


Business Aviation Consulting Services 

Current State Assessment

The Way Forward

Crew Count

Budget Builder

Aviation Metrics & Performance Dashboards

Leadership Development

Understanding Fractional Ownership

Understanding Aircraft Charter and Management


Helping Aviation Organizations Achieve Greater Results by Managing Change

Our Advisors at Gray Stone all have hands-on experience and expertise in the financial and operational performance of corporate aviation organizations. And, our broad range of experience--from the boardroom to the flight line--helps corporate flight departments, fractional operators, management companies and fixed base operators achieve their desired results.

At Gray Stone, we offer a range of aviation consulting services, all of which are tailored to your needs.

Our most requested areas of involvement include:

  • Alignment – Keep up with external best practices while aligning your aviation organization with internal corporate expectations.
  • Leadership development—Identify your bench strength and put development plans in place to help flight department team members grow, develop and contribute to your business aviation objectives.
  • Operational and financial modeling tools – Partner with the flight department and cross functional teams (e.g., corporate finance) to create models that show where you're heading—not just where you've been.
  • Process management—Identify and map major business processes and measure their effectiveness, ensuring ongoing and sustainable performance improvement.
  • Value-creation metrics—Measure and assess the value provided by the flight department to the parent company, using clearly identified performance targets on a performance dashboard.
  • Fleet planning—Review historical and forward-looking demand and capacity relationships, evaluating alternatives to meet your specific business aviation mission.
  • Performance benchmarking—Measure and track performance against the organization's internal corporate standards and aviation industry best practices.


How We Work

Business aviation reporting executives and senior aviation leaders retain us for project-based consulting assignments, leadership mentoring (both on-site and remote), as well as longer term interim leadership engagements where a Senior Advisor functions as your interim executive aviation leader.

VIDEO: The 7 Keys to Success in Business Aviation by Gray Stone Advisors

7 keys to success in business aviation video Gray Stone Advisors


Maximize Effectiveness and Efficiency

Gray Stone Advisors uses our experience "in the trenches" to help you identify what to measure and how to set "smart" targets—specific, realistic, measurable, agreed-upon and time-bound goals—so that you maximize your organization's effectiveness and efficiency. We help you develop a reality-based balanced scorecard to measure how you performed in the past, how well you are currently performing and leading indicators of how you can expect to perform in the future.

We do this by helping you:

  • Measure current operational and employee performance levels
  • Identify and understand the drivers of success
    • Environmental
    • Organizational
    • Group or departmental
    • Individual
  • Define desired performance levels and set targets
  • Identify performance gaps and determine root cause
  • Select, design and implement interventions
  • Generate and implement strategies to increase output
  • Monitor organizational behavior and infrastructure
  • Improve the organization's competitive posture
  • Target organizational efficacy in setting goals & objectives
  • Measure "soft" performance objectives including:
    • Employee morale
    • Organizational culture
    • Measure customer satisfaction

Are you ready to achieve "next level" business performance? With Gray Stone Advisors, you have the bandwidth and resources to "climb to the next level" of performance as a world-class business aviation organization.

We invite you to contact us regarding your specific needs in any area of business aviation need.  Drawing upon our years of experience and proven track record, we'll develop, implement and validate sustainable solutions to help you achieve the results you desire.

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