Flight Department Consolidation: When Two Become One

Author By Jim Lara

Call it what you will—a merger, joining forces or acquisition. When there’s a flight department consolidation, the end result is change. And lots of it. As a business aviation leader, it’s your role and responsibility to produce the finest possible outcome for the corporation or your high net worth owner. And you must come to

Understanding Finance and Metrics for Chief Pilots

Author By Jim Lara

In our first post in this three-part series, we discussed the four leadership traits required of a great Chief Pilot, and in our second post, we’ll delve into specifics regarding finance, performance metrics and measurements.

Overseeing the Flight Department Part II: Know The Numbers

Author By Steve Brechter

In one of our latest blog posts, we talked about the first four steps to becoming an effective Business Aviation Reporting Executive, and how the role doesn’t have to be viewed as a “death sentence.” Now, when it comes to overseeing the flight department, the next big step is to “Know the Numbers.”