5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in Business Aviation

Author By Jill Henning

In a recent article, we reported on a rather alarming study done by the Gallup Organization, which found that only 29 percent of employees in the U.S. today are “motivated and engaged.” The other 71 percent are at some level of “disengagement.” If that was the eight-cylinder engine in your car, you’d be firing on

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How Do Self-Assessment Tools Work in Business Aviation?

Author By Steve Brechter

So you’ve got strategic and near-term operating plans for your business aviation organization, and your team is diligently working on them. Things are somewhat better, but the organizational results aren’t quite there. You get the feeling that you should screw a turbocharger on the team somewhere, but you can’t figure out how. If this sounds like your flight department, fear not. The use of self-assessment tools can take a marginally performing organization and place it into overdrive.

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