Leadership Development

Do you aspire to create and lead one of the best business aviation organizations in the industry? Are you achieving best-in-class performance in all functions within your flight department?

In nearly every Gray Stone Advisors leadership engagement, we typically find that the answers we're looking for are already among the aviation leaders and individual team members.

Our role as aviation consultants then becomes one of breaking down barriers, opening up dialogues, setting the direction and providing resources to harness the tremendous potential that already exists within.

Our three leadership development focus areas include:


Individual Development Planning

The creation of individual and actionable employee leadership development plans for flight department employees.


Birkman Assessment

Improves the performance of individuals and teams by focusing on personal strengths and needs. Provides a custom leadership development course for each participant.


Leadership Development Coaching

Provides your developing leaders with one-on-one coaching and an unbiased perspective that facilitates the transition from "individual contributor" to "leader."



At Gray Stone Advisors, we assist our clients by maximizing their individual, team and overall organizational performance--and by helping aviation leaders map out a road to success.

If you're interested in creating the dynamic results you envision for yourself and your organization, we can help by:

  • Building your management and leadership expertise
  • Improving your ability to lead a diverse and changing workforce
  • Increasing your team's capacity to assume greater and more complex responsibilities
  • Focusing your energy on profit-generating activities
  • Targeting and managing key strategic issues
  • Developing and optimizing a profit-focused culture
  • Fine-tuning a communication style for maximum impact
  • Increasing retention of difficult to replace, "top tier talent"
  • Refining your ability to select and hire the best talent for your company and culture
  • Developing crisis management skills

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Sheryl Barden of Aviation Personnel International shares why business aviation leaders should consider working with Jim Lara and Steve Brecther. Here she shares how we listen, coach and help people succeed.

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"Gray Stone Advisors was able to quickly assess our operation and provide the assistance we so desperately needed. The process, definition and development brought into the department have played a very important role in reshaping our organization.

This has been a very fast-paced transformation and we would not have been able to complete our IS-BAO Stage I audit in such a short time frame without the team. If all flight departments had the opportunity to work with an organization such as Gray Stone Advisors, there would be nothing but "Best in Class" departments. The service they provide is invaluable and I cannot thank them enough for all that they have done for CSC Transport. I look forward to the future of this department and maintaining a strong working relationship with Gray Stone Advisors."

Phil Stang, Vice President of Business Aviation, CSC Transport (Flight Department for Cablevision)

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