Understanding the Economics of Fractional Ownership

The array of business aviation offerings is vast. Owned aircraft, charter or fractional. The economics are not always obvious. The contracts are complex. The service offerings vary drastically.

You might be asking yourself, "what's the right answer for me?"

Perfect question!

Each situation dictates a unique answer and solution. Therefore you owe it to yourself, your family and/or your organization to have an unbiased review of your needs (usage) vs. wants (desires). Then you can assess the multitude of fractional programs that are available.

At Gray Stone Advisors, we work with you in a no-nonsense manner.

Our job is to represent you. We have your best interests as our first priority.

Why are we your best resource?

Our aviation consultants are also business aviation professionals. We have each held positions at the highest senior executive levels in the fractional ownership industry.

Simply put, we helped "write the book."

We know the economics of fractional ownership, the service model and what can be done with fractional shares.

Most importantly, we know what's not in your best interest.

Our experience includes leading NetJets, Inc. as well as regional firms. We also advise aircraft owners as well as some of the world's largest corporations and wealthy individuals concerning their fractional ownership positions—both existing and those under consideration.

When you want a fact-based answer, give us a call. You'll be delighted. We guarantee It!