Current State Assessment™: Comprehensive Aviation Review

How's your aviation organization doing, REALLY? What's the next level of operational excellence for your flight department? And what's needed to get there? Wouldn't you like to know—on a totally confidential basis?

Gray Stone Advisors - What is a Current State Assessment videoDozens of aviation directors have relied upon Gray Stone Advisors to take a broad and comprehensive look at their entire aviation organization. The end-result is a totally objective and fact-based assessment of "how goes it" -- from one end of the flight department to the other.

Following completion of the Current State Assessment, your organization will have a baseline from which to measure its performance with respect to all expectations placed upon it. This report provides a reference point from which progress, change and growth can be measured.


An Objective Assessment of Your Current State

The Current State Assessment™ offers an objective assessment of your aviation organization's operational status.
Completed onsite in two to four business days (depending upon the size of your operation), Gray Stone Advisors offer an objective, fact-based assessment of your entire aviation operation, assessed from the perspective of industry "best practices."
The assessment identifies inherent strength and greatest opportunity.

The Current State Assessment contains information, which:

  • Reviews the aviation organization with respect to business aviation industry standards and best practices.
  • Offers comprehensive feedback on specific focus areas which, when acted upon, will help elevate the organization to the next level of operating excellence while reducing potential risks.
  • Establishes refreshed, strategic priorities for the department and sets the baseline from which to chart the course for the future.
  • Demonstrates to the executive leadership of your parent company that you are committed to continuous improvement.
  • Helps validate or justify your objectives and clearly state your internal business case.
  • Identifies the issues that don't seem to get fixed as well as solutions that work.
  • Recommends new processes and helps manage existing processes more effectively.
  • Identifies aviation peers, compares performance and establishes benchmarking partners and protocols that will serve you well for years to come.
  • Provides the stimulus and incentive for the organization to reach for '"the next level" of operating excellence.

The comprehensive report supports the aviation director's efforts and:

  • Shows the parent company that your aviation organization is "at the top of their game."
  • Helps qualify the value of business aviation, demonstrating it as strategic business partner to the parent company. 
  • Provides a vital means of staying abreast of the latest industry developments.

In-depth Evaluation

One or more members of the team from Gray Stone Advisors will work alongside your aviation team to thoroughly review current practices, processes and risk-related areas, including:

  • Daily execution within flight and maintenance operations
  • Duty and rest practices
  • Executive office interface
  • Financial best-practices, including expense and invoice processing
  • Fuel purchasing
  • Individual development planning
  • Maintenance planning processes
  • Performance reports and metrics provided to senior corporate leadership
  • Safety management system
  • Succession planning
  • Training for professional development and technical skills
  • and much more

aviation leader in front of aircraft


Who Benefits?

The end result is a comprehensive report delivered directly to the aviation director (or vice president of aviation) who will control distribution of the report and fully determine how it will be used, internally and externally.

S/he determines how to share the results with anyone involved in aviation, including the aviation reporting executive, director of maintenance, chief pilot, scheduling & dispatch manager, finance manager and any other influential and/or informal "influencers" in the organization.

The impact of the Current State Assessment has been remarkable as flight departments work to continuously improve their operations, processes and achieve alignment with corporate expectations.


Client Testimonials

Business aviation organizations of all sizes are reaping benefits as Gray Stone Advisors helps them define where they stand and develop a game plan for success. See what they have to say:

"[Gray Stone was] able to quickly assess our operation and provide the assistance we so desperately needed. Your consistent presence at the hangar and methodical process used to evaluate the organization were key factors in helping turn this department around. The process, definition and development you brought into the department have played a very important role in reshaping our organization. The service you provide is invaluable and I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for [our company].
- Vice President of Business Aviation, Fortune 500 company

"[Our company] has gone through significant transformation … and partnering with Jim and his team has accelerated the department's transformational efforts while allowing us to execute on our daily tactical activities. I look forward to our future collaborative efforts with Gray Stone."
- Director of Aviation and Global Resiliency, Fortune 50 company

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"Gray Stone has allowed us to achieve powerful results… [They took] the time to understand the complexity of our company and, through their extensive experience and knowledge, has provided us with a recommendation of a road map to success."
- Senior Manager, Corporate Security,
Fortune 50 company


Why have many aviation leaders found the Current State Assessment™ to be so valuable? Plain and simple: It provides an unbiased, external perspective and a validation of your efforts.

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Call us today to learn more! We're available at +1-865-357-5077 or via email. - See more at: