Crew Count™: A fact-based analysis of your aviation staffing needs

As you know, it's important to properly staff your pilots and flight attendants to make sure you're running a safe and efficient operation. And, as an aviation director, it's also important to provide your crewmembers with the quality of life they desire. In this industry, however, finding that ideal balance can often be difficult.

Requesting headcount adjustments is often a delicate subject at corporate headquarters. But there's a new and effective way to quantify your staffing levels and have a facts-based discussion with your aviation reporting executive.

pilot talking to executives near aircraft on rampIntroducing Crew Count™

Developed by Gray Stone Advisors, Crew Count™ is an innovative crewmember staffing model that reduces the amount of guesswork involved in determining proper headcount levels by more accurately quantifying the requirements specific to a flight operation's goals.

After all, staffing is a science ... plus a little art.

It's no secret that there are a variety of factors to consider when determining the number of pilots and flight attendants needed to safely and efficiently operate each aircraft. You just need the right formula for your unique operation.

This staffing model enables you to:

  • Use facts to determine headcount. Using historical and anticipated demand patterns, we'll provide a facts-based staffing report and executive summary regarding the staffing levels that are required for your specific mission.

  • Address executive support requirements. Your company's demand profiles will be analyzed from a third-party perspective, resulting in recommendations that determine appropriate staffing levels.

  • Retain and attract top talent. At an estimated cost of $100,000 to $150,000 to replace and onboard a seasoned pilot, you must do everything to provide "quality of life." Crew Count™ will help you retain your team members over the long term, attract new employees and avoid the costs of repetitive training of new employees and/or contract staff.

Until now, most business aviation leaders didn't have an effective way to quantitatively assess their headcount needs. Here are some of the most common questions we're asked regarding this hot topic:

  • Are we adequately staffed for domestic and international flights (for both fixed- and rotary-wing operations)?

  • What's the financial impact of pilot turnover?

  • Do we need to augment our full-time staff with "contract" pilots and/or flight attendants?

  • Should staffing levels be determined by flight hours or duty days?

  • How does our mission profile affect crew headcount?

  • How do we provide an adequate work/life balance?


How Crew Count™ Works

It couldn't be easier: let us know you're interested and we'll send you a detailed questionnaire (in PDF form) that's designed to guide you in gathering all the required information.

Simply complete the user-friendly, fillable fields, return the PDF to us, and one of our Senior Advisors will process your information.

You'll then receive your Crew Count™ report plus an executive summary that, together, you can use to quanitfy and present your staffing requirements to corporate. 


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Among the many benefits of Gray Stone's proprietary Crew Count™:

  • Includes all of the variables that must be considered in the proper assessment.

  • Accurately matches crew labor to the demand profile, based on your specific aviation mission.

  • Will assist you in building your case for required headcount, while helping to improve recruitment and retention.


Get a fact-based analysis of your business aviation staffing needs

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