Blog Topics for Business Aviation Chief Pilots

Aviation Mastery or Minimum Standards . . . What's Your M.O.?

"Minimum standards" perpetuates a culture of minimum performance. That's why it's up to each of us to set aviation mastery standards and to influence the adoption of those standards. READ MORE

The Leap from Chief Pilot to Business Aviation Director

API's Sheryl Barden and I [Jim Lara] examine what's required of a Chief Pilot who's looking to assume the role of Business Aviation Director. Learn more on how to make the leap to leadership. READ MORE

From Good to Great Part II: Finance and Metrics for Chief Pilots

In our first post in this three-part series, we discussed the four leadership traits required of a great Chief Pilot, and in our second post, we'll delve into specifics regarding finance, performance metrics and measurements. READ MORE

From Good to Great: The Four Leadership Traits of Chief Pilots

In the Business Aviation industry, a good Chief Pilot serves as a leader in a technically oriented world. But what does a great Chief Pilot do? Learn the four leadership traits of chief pilots. READ MORE