Blog Topics about Business Aviation Performance Metrics

Business Aviation Performance Metrics: How to Build a Business Case

You may have seen several metrics-related blog posts from Gray Stone Advisors, but this one reveals strategies on how to build a business case in order to get a Business Aviation Performance Metrics program approved by your Aviation Reporting Executive. READ MORE

Case Study: Metrics Dashboard Demonstrates Flight Department's Effectiveness

Hewlett-Packard's flight department needed to become more efficient due to changes in the economy. And they needed to deliver more with less budget and headcount. See how HP delivered a metrics dashboard. READ MORE

Become a Business Aviation Thought Leader by Implementing Metrics

Want to become a business aviation thought leader? Start by implementing this four-step metrics process in your flight department. Read the blog to learn more. READ MORE

Business Aviation Value Creation Metrics

This article will explore the techniques used to determine and express the VALUE that your unique Business Aviation operating organization creates for your corporation or host enterprise. Value Creation Metrics, expressed in four levels, are essential tools for everyone who hopes to achieve a position of personal and professional leadership in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. READ MORE

What are metrics and why do I need them?

The first question that we often get is: "What are metrics and why do I need them?" Learn more. READ MORE