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Aviation Reporting Executives: How They Evaluate You

Everyone has someone who’s responsible to evaluate them on the job. Here’s how to make the most of your relationship with your aviation reporting executive. READ MORE

Get What You Need! Business Cases in Business Aviation

What must you do to obtain the resources you need for your flight department? The answer is to build an effective business case. Gray Stone Advisor's Steve Brechter shows you how with these five tips. READ MORE

Building a Powerhouse Business Aviation Leadership Team

Effective integration of your Aviation Department into the overall operation of your company is best accomplished by building a strong and vital Business Aviation Leadership Team. Here’s how it’s done. READ MORE

Hire Right! Competency-Based Recruiting in Business Aviation

For all the great things we do in business aviation, taking the time to define the success criteria for a key position — and then hiring against those needs — is often not one of them. So here’s why it’s vitally important to use competency-based recruiting techniques to fill every position within your flight department. READ MORE

Is Your Flight Department at Risk?

The symptoms of an unhealthy business aviation operation are often misunderstood—even ignored. Here are five ways to assess whether or not your flight department is at risk. READ MORE

Goal Setting – Why Bother?

What are your goals this year? And why should you bother with goal setting? Jim Lara shares how to define your goals and state them using the RUMBA method. READ MORE

Goal Setting: Unleashing the Power of Passion

When your flight department is goal setting for the coming year, take full advantage of the power of passion. Then align those goals with the passions and interests of your people. READ MORE

Keys to Transformational Change: Focus, Aim and Reinforce

The last three of 10 keys to transformational change management wraps up this important series. Review the “finishing touches.” READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: How to Gain ‘Followership’ in your Flight Department

What are the qualities of leadership that make your flight department team want to follow you? Here are the 5 keys of “followership.” READ MORE

Aviation Organizational Transformation Keys 5-7

When aviation organizational transformation is on the docket for your business aviation facility, empowerment, inclusion and consistency are three essential keys to your success. READ MORE

How to Get the Most Value from NBAA BACE

Here are five ways to ensure that your flight department, and those who attend, get the most “bang for your buck” from attendance at NBAA BACE shows. READ MORE