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NBAA Interview: Mastering Cockpit Technology Essential for Safe Operations

Flight management systems technologies, especially when newly adopted, can be major distractions for flight crews, cause runway incursions and lead to confusion in flight, according to the NBAA Safety Committee, which has named technology management as one of its 2014 Top Safety Focus Areas. Listen to this week's NBAA Flight Plan podcast for more on the importance of understanding cockpit technology. READ MORE

Aviation Safety in Focus: Is Technology a Hindrance to Your Operation?

Is aircraft technology a hindrance to your flight department operation? Check out this NBAA Flight Plan podcast and see what GSA's Jim Lara has to say about technology's impact on aviation safety. READ MORE

Factors That Affect Business Aviation Safety and Culture

We've all heard the expression 'safety culture' thrown around in the business aviation industry. But, do we really know what it is? Learn the factors that affect business aviation safety and culture. READ MORE