Blog Topics for Business Aviation Reporting Executives

5 Compelling Reasons You Need a Business Aircraft Use Policy

Many companies don’t have a Business Aircraft Use Policy, leaving them vulnerable to unintended regulatory violations and under-utilization. Here’s 5 compelling reasons you need one. READ MORE

Aviation Reporting Executives: How They Evaluate You

Everyone has someone who’s responsible to evaluate them on the job. Here’s how to make the most of your relationship with your aviation reporting executive. READ MORE

IS-BAO 101 for the New Aviation Reporting Executive

Perhaps the most important thing as a new Aviation Reporting Executive is knowing your role and your limitations. And knowing the regulations. Here's an IS-BAO 101 primer and it's importance in business aviation. READ MORE

Overseeing the Flight Department Part III: Fleet Planning

Every corporate business unit has a Plan and the Flight Department should be no exception. No matter the culture in your company's executive suite, a flight department's Fleet Planning process affects your bottom line--and the way you manage expectations at Corporate. That's why we'll look at why Fleet Plans make good business sense--and why having one 'at the ready' at all times is a necessity. READ MORE

Overseeing the Flight Department Part II: Know The Numbers

In one of our latest blog posts, we talked about the first four steps to becoming an effective Business Aviation Reporting Executive, and how the role doesn't have to be viewed as a "death sentence." Now, when it comes to overseeing the flight department, the next big step is to "Know the Numbers." READ MORE

Why Inheriting Oversight of the Aviation Department is not a Death Sentence

Do you oversee the aviation department? If aviation is not the core business of your company, we'll give you the key steps to succeed in your new and vitally important position as an Aviation Reporting Executive. READ MORE