Blog Topics for Business Aviation Directors

Goal Setting – Why Bother?

What are your goals this year? And why should you bother with goal setting? Jim Lara shares how to define your goals and state them using the RUMBA method. READ MORE

Goal Setting: Unleashing the Power of Passion

When your flight department is goal setting for the coming year, take full advantage of the power of passion. Then align those goals with the passions and interests of your people. READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: How to Gain ‘Followership’ in your Flight Department

What are the qualities of leadership that make your flight department team want to follow you? Here are the 5 keys of “followership.” READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: Creating Relevance

Creating relevance within your flight department has a learning curve. Following are five important tips to help you make a positive impact “at the table.” READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: How to Gain Commitment

Business aviation leaders often need to gain commitment for key decisions. But how do you get a flight department team to follow? READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: Driving Results in an EQ Environment

When the heat is on to produce results, leaders might put aside their EQ leadership. Here are 5 ways to achieve results and lead with emotional intelligence. READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: Collateral Duties

Many people in flight departments struggle with additional responsibility--especially when uncompensated. But if you want to get ahead, taking on collateral duties may be your best bet. READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: What’s Your Personal Brand?

Are you a current or aspiring aviation leader? If so, GSA’s Steve Brechter shares five ways to create a personal brand that will help you stand out in the crowd. READ MORE

5 Ways to Become an Effective Organizational Leader

In bizav leadership, you need to be both a functional leader and an organizational leader. Learn the difference and 5 ways to become an organizational leader. READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: 7 Ways to Become a Credible Influencer

Want to “show up” like a leader, regardless of title or role? Here are 7 ways to ”cast a stone across the water” and become a credible influencer. READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: Do I Fit in a Leadership Role?

How do you know if you possess the right “fit” to advance into and succeed in a leadership role? Here are four ways to make the decision. READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: 5 Proven Ways to Make Tough Calls

Why is it so hard to make tough calls, especially when you know the right thing to do? Here are Steve Brechter’s five proven ways to stop agonizing and start leading. READ MORE

Negotiation 101: 7 Ways to Get What You Need & Want

When stakes are high, you gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. Before your next crucial negotiation, try these 7 ways to get what you need and want. Learn these Negotiation 101 tips. READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: Empowerment

The most impactful leaders are those who “let go.” Here are five ways to create a high-commitment work environment where people are motivated and encouraged to achieve through empowerment. READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: Trustworthy Communication

One of the hallmarks of a great leader is the ability to motivate others toward the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives. Doing that starts and ends with trustworthy communication. READ MORE

Leadership Essentials: Partnering & Teaming

Whether you’re a current or aspiring leader, you need a solid understanding how to demonstrate the five elements of Partnering & Teaming to those around you. Read more. READ MORE

Achieve Communication Perfection with Simplified, Closed-Loop Principles

In aviation, nothing is more critical than flawless execution. Learn how to achieve communication perfection with simple, closed-loop principles. READ MORE

6 Ways to Think and Act Like a Leader

To succeed in today’s fast-paced business world, leadership is a characteristic you have to exhibit from Day 1, regardless of the job or title you have. Here are six proven ways to think and act like a leader. READ MORE

2016 Summer Reading List for Current and Aspiring Leaders

Looking for some summer reading suggestions? Gray Stone Advisors’ principal Jim Lara shares his third annual Summer Reading List for current and aspiring leaders. READ MORE

Summer Tune-up for Aviation Leaders

Summer’s a great time to fine-tune your aviation flight operation and check anew how to guard against organizational threats. To learn more, read our summer tune-up for aviation leaders. READ MORE

Tales from a "Transformed" Transformational Leader

Are you a rigid, command-and-control-style leader like Jim Lara once was? If so, read how Jim was influenced to change his leadership style and become a transformational leader. READ MORE

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Can I Really Do it All?

Whether it's flying, performing maintenance on the aircraft, or pulling off scheduling miracles, you've worked hard to get where you are. And, you really love what you "do." But when you become a leader, can you stop "doing" in order to start "leading?" Find out if the Leadership Path is right for you. READ MORE

Reading for Leading, Part II: Books for Aviation Leaders

Given the nature of the business aviation profession, it's not easy to find the time to tackle a reading list, but here's one that might have something for everyone in our exceptional line of work. READ MORE

How to Use Individual Development Plans to Develop Bizav Teams

Want to further develop your people? Learn how to create and use individual development plans to develop bizav teams and individuals. Read more. READ MORE

Taking Initiative to Advance Your Career

Hit a career plateau? If you're ready to take the next step, you'll need action plan to ensure that you're prepared. Learn how to find the right staircase to get ahead. READ MORE

How to Run Effective Meetings in Business Aviation

In business aviation, we often so despise meetings and consider reasons not to have them, skip them, reschedule them, or avoid them entirely. Find out how to run effective meetings. READ MORE

Commitment vs. Compliance: How to get your team from "I have to do it" to "I want do it!"

Want to get your team to become totally committed--not just compliant? A committed person says, "I will do it!" A compliant person says, "I can do it if I am told to." Learn the difference between Commitment vs. Compliance. READ MORE

Five Steps to Become a More Effective Business Communicator

Discover five easy steps to becoming a more effective business communicator—and get examples of communications you might send. READ MORE

7 Steps on How to Be In the Moment and Boost Your Productivity

Discover the enormous benefit of being present. Follow these 7 Steps on how to be in the moment and boost your productivity. READ MORE

To Get Ahead in Business Aviation, Be Present and Prepared

As aviation students prepare for college graduation, many may be wondering how they will get ahead once they start their business aviation careers. Here's five tips to get ahead from Gray Stone's Steve Brechter in NBAA's Flight Plan podcast. READ MORE

Five Ways to Get Ahead in Business Aviation

Want to know how to move up, get noticed and get ahead in business aviation? Check out these five approaches. READ MORE

Reading for Leading: Essential Books for Aviation Leaders

If you're looking for an excellent list of essential books for aviation leaders, search no further than these tops recommended titles. READ MORE

3 Ways to Maintain Professional Distance in Business Aviation

Want to earn the respect of your business aviation peers and corporate executive travelers? Learn three ways to maintain professional distance. READ MORE

6 Principles for Creating a Sustainable Business Aviation Culture

Developing a great business aviation culture is a relatively new concept that is often written about, discussed and debated. Learn these six principles for developing a great, sustainable culture in business aviation. READ MORE

5 Reasons Why Business Aviation Customer Service Matters

If you're in a customer-facing role (aren't we all?!?), take a look at Kim DiMetro's five reasons why business aviation customer service plays a vital role. READ MORE

Developing the Business Aviation Talent Pipeline: Rich Walsh Interview

Aviation Directors face several obstacles when managing people and developing a business aviation talent pipeline. Hear from one of NBAA's newest Board Members, Rich Walsh, as he shares insights and recommendations for creating tomorrow's successful aviation leaders. READ MORE

4 Lethal, but Controllable, Threats to a Business Aviation Career

When a tennis player makes a blunder, it's called an 'unforced error.' And when an aviation pro makes a blunder, it's called a 'resume error.' Learn how to control these 4 lethal threats to your business aviation career. READ MORE

How Do Self-Assessment Tools Work in Business Aviation?

So you've got strategic and near-term operating plans for your business aviation organization, and your team is diligently working on them. Things are somewhat better, but the organizational results aren't quite there. You get the feeling that you should screw a turbocharger on the team somewhere, but you can't figure out how. If this sounds like your flight department, fear not. The use of self-assessment tools can take a marginally performing organization and place it into overdrive. READ MORE

How to Write Individual Development Plans and Performance Improvement Plans

Are you hearing new acronyms like 'IDP' and 'PIP' during conversations with your Human Resources (HR) leader or Aviation Reporting Executive? Learn how to write Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs). READ MORE

Getting Involved in the Business Aviation Industry: Why Bother?

In the business aviation industry, many of us grapple with how to keep up with the avalanche of new ideas, technical developments and regulatory requirements coming at us every day. But if we choose not to keep up, we're at risk of becoming obsolete in a very short period of time, and that time frame is getting shorter every day. READ MORE

Do I Have What it Takes to be a Transformational Leader?

In a recent post from Gray Stone Advisors, we discussed Transformational Leadership and the competencies required to become a transformation leader. One thing is for sure: Transformational Leaders get things done behind the scenes and with very little motion. Other characteristics include... READ MORE

How to Find an Executive Mentor and Commit to your Long-term Success

Are you ready to become a Transformational Leader? That is, someone who guides and directs others to success? If so, great! One of the best ways to ensure your long-term success is to invest your time and energy in an Executive Mentor who's just as committed as you are to your long-term success. READ MORE

Are You Ready to Be a Mentor? 6 Steps to Get You Started

Have you achieved personal or professional success as a result of working with a talented mentor? Has someone helped you get to where you are today by showing you 'the ropes'? If so, perhaps you're ready to pay it forward and become an advisor to someone who wants to elevate their career or personal pursuits to a much higher level. Becoming an effective mentor takes a lot of time and energy—and there are do's and don'ts so take heed (and read on). READ MORE

What is a Transformational Leader?

What is a transformational leader? Remarkable leaders are not solely defined by impressive PowerPoint presentations or their ability to meet revenue targets. Instead, truly remarkable leaders are best known for their ability to inspire performance from others. READ MORE

How to Overcome 10 Lethal Organizational Threats

As current or aspiring business aviation leaders, it's important to be able to overcome these 10 lethal organizational threats. Read our 10 tips. READ MORE

The Difference Between Training and Development

As business leaders, we spend a lot of time and money 'training' our professionals. But how much effort do we put into 'developing' our people? So, what's the difference between training and development, you ask? READ MORE

Business Aviation Leadership Development--Are You Committed?

One of the hallmarks of a great Leader is his or her ability to motivate performance out of the organization. Gone are the days of "doing it all by yourself." You've got to empower your people and develop the capability of "getting things done through others." READ MORE