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Get What You Need! Business Cases in Business Aviation

What must you do to obtain the resources you need for your flight department? The answer is to build an effective business case. Gray Stone Advisor's Steve Brechter shows you how with these five tips. READ MORE

Building a Powerhouse Business Aviation Leadership Team

Effective integration of your Aviation Department into the overall operation of your company is best accomplished by building a strong and vital Business Aviation Leadership Team. Here’s how it’s done. READ MORE

Hire Right! Competency-Based Recruiting in Business Aviation

For all the great things we do in business aviation, taking the time to define the success criteria for a key position — and then hiring against those needs — is often not one of them. So here’s why it’s vitally important to use competency-based recruiting techniques to fill every position within your flight department. READ MORE

Is Your Flight Department at Risk?

The symptoms of an unhealthy business aviation operation are often misunderstood—even ignored. Here are five ways to assess whether or not your flight department is at risk. READ MORE

Keys to Transformational Change: Focus, Aim and Reinforce

The last three of 10 keys to transformational change management wraps up this important series. Review the “finishing touches.” READ MORE

Aviation Organizational Transformation Keys 5-7

When aviation organizational transformation is on the docket for your business aviation facility, empowerment, inclusion and consistency are three essential keys to your success. READ MORE

Transformational Change: How to Create a Winning BizAv Organization

Transformational change is a truly multi-faceted topic. In this fourth blog in the series, we focus on how to create a “winning” bizav organization. READ MORE

Your Vision, Mission & Values: Touchstones for Change

Among the 10 keys to creating effective transformational change, “Transformational Change Touchstones”—is Key No. 3: defining your vision, mission and values. READ MORE

Survival Change: Creating and Sustaining Alliances

Among the many keys to effective change management, creating and sustaining both internal and external alliances are critical puzzle pieces. Here’s why and how. READ MORE

Survival Change Management: Create Compelling Urgency

Are you ready for significant organizational change? Here’s the first step of effective survival change management that can get everyone focused on what needs to happen. READ MORE

Change Management: 10 Keys to the Art and Science of Survival Change

Are you experiencing issues with cross-functional strife or less-than-stellar operating results? If you’re ready to address the warning signs and implement change management, check out these 10 keys for “Survival Change.” READ MORE

How to Address the Top 4 Challenges Faced by Most Flight Departments

Bizav flight departments are increasingly constrained by resource-related challenges. Here are the top 4 challenges faced by most flight departments and how you can help address them. Learn more. READ MORE

Leadership: Where are We Going, and Why?

If you’re always putting fires out, not setting direction and not getting the team to follow you (by their choice), these are classic symptoms for being adrift. It might be time to hit the proverbial “pause” button and ask, “Where are we going and why?” READ MORE

ENGAGE! 6 Proven Ways to Hold Powerful Employee Development Discussions

To keep your top aviation talent from looking elsewhere, here are six proven ways to hold powerful employee development discussions. READ MORE

Service Models: 5 Steps to Serving More than One Master in Business Aviation

It’s likely that you have more than one “master.” In business aviation, you might serve the CEO, the Board, executive travelers, family, and more. But do they all require the same service model? Steve Brechter shares why not. READ MORE

Think Differently: 5 Ways to Get Ahead in Business Aviation

Different times call for different ways of thinking. Here are 5 ways to think differently if you want to get ahead in business aviation. READ MORE

5 Key Trends in Business Aviation

There are five key trends in business aviation that have the potential to significantly change the face of our aviation industry as we know it today. Learn more. READ MORE

Wake Up! Don't Lose Your Part 91 Flight Department

Concerned that the leadership of your Part 91 flight department may be moving to an "outside" company? If so, here are some thoughts to consider. READ MORE

How to Deal with Rogue Behavior in Corporate Aviation

All corporate aviation flight departments experience situations where a team member exhibits "rogue behavior." Since this type of situation cannot (and will not) be tolerated, Gray Stone Advisors is giving you the leadership tools and recommendations to help you deal with the rogue employee. READ MORE

The Case for Aviation-Specific Role Descriptions

Most role descriptions we see in business aviation today don't inform, they don't provide clarity, they're not written in aviation-terminology and, most importantly, they don't help the incumbent truly succeed in his or her job. Here's why you need meaningful, aviation-specific role descriptions. READ MORE

Building a Business Aviation "Dream Team"

It's easy to build a high-performing team if you can handpick your players. But much of the time, as business aviation leaders, we need to "make it happen" by playing the hand we're dealt, with the team we already have in place. Here's how to build a "dream team" using The Birkman Method and aligning interests with activities and tasks. READ MORE

How to Assess Your Flight Department's Health

As a newly-appointed aviation director, the questions will start to arise, "Where do I start? What's most important? Where do I focus my attention?" See how to assess your flight department's health. READ MORE

Business Aviation Staffing Levels: What's the Right Number?

How many maintenance technicians, pilots and flight attendants do we need on our staff to maintain the highest service levels to our travelers? Learn how to determine the right business aviation staffing levels. READ MORE

Aviation Budgeting 101: Answering the Question ''How Did You Do This Month?"

To help you understand the real economic drivers of your aviation organization, we're sharing some Aviation Budgeting 101 techniques to help you know where you are, financially, every day of the year. READ MORE

As Seen in AIN: Survival Skills for Flight Departments

It's imperative that today's business aviation flight department managers have a seat at the table at corporate headquarters, according to Jim Lara of Gray Stone Advisors. "You can't be at the airport. You have to work with the reporting executive to have that every-month conversation not only on how you're doing but also about how you have contributed to the company's success over the past month. You have to be able to quantify that and to know what the company deems important, then measure and report against that." Learn more. READ MORE

How Great Do You Really Want to Be?

Are you destined to do great things? Do you know where your business aviation organization is going? Where is your professional and organizational plan and with respect to industry best practices? Learn how to ask the hard questions. READ MORE

Five Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in Business Aviation

Five Ways to Increase Employee Engagement Here's what your employees are asking for and what you can do to increase motivation and engagement within your business aviation organization: READ MORE

Four Steps to Successful Conflict Resolution

We've all been there and it's never comfortable. In fact, the experience has often been likened to a root canal without Novocaine. We often turn away and avoid it at any expense. What are we talking about? The art of successful conflict resolution. READ MORE

IRS to Audit Firms for Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors

There are many instances in our industry where unintentional employee misclassification can occur, given the widespread use of contract pilots, flight attendants and, in some cases, maintenance technicians. Learn more. READ MORE

How to Prepare For and Have Difficult Discussions

How do you prepare for and have difficult discussions - especially ones that involve budget and/or negotiations? GSA teaches you how to have a difficult discussion here. READ MORE

A Business Aviation Insider's View: An Interview with Phil Stang

Want to know what it's like to lead a large business aviation flight department? Check out this interview with Cablevision's VP of aviation, Phil Stang. READ MORE

How to Market the Corporate Flight Department to Executive Travelers

Need to justify the value of business aviation and/or promote the use of the aircraft? Here are five tips on how to market the corporate flight department to executive travelers. READ MORE

Employee Engagement: The Challenge for Business Aviation

Learn 10 reasons why employee engagement is a challenge in business aviation and what you can do about it. READ MORE

Are You Ready to Lead a Flight Department?

Are you ready to lead a Flight Department? Find out what four directors of aviation wish they would have known before landing their current role. READ MORE

Flight Department Consolidation: When Two Become One

Have you ever experienced a flight department consolidation or merger? Or is one on the horizon? Read these seven tips on how to produce the finest possible outcome. READ MORE

Five Ways to Lead Up in Business Aviation

Want to build mutual trust with your business aviation reporting executive? Here are five ways to lead up in business aviation. READ MORE

Four Ways to Improve Flight Department Communications with Corporate

There are four best practices for business aviation directors when it comes to improving communications between the flight department and corporate. Find out how. READ MORE

Four Best Practices for Internal Flight Department Communication

Want to learn how to improve internal communications within your business aviation flight department? Read our blog for four effective best practices. READ MORE

Does Your Flight Department Meet Corporate Expectations?

Does your Flight Department meet corporate expectations? Very often in conversations among Business Aviation leaders, the topic of corporate expectations arises. It usually goes something like: "How's Corporate treating you?" Or even, "Do you think you're going to be outsourced?" The responses range from "I have no idea" to "They don't know what they want so I tell them." Find out 3 ways to ensure your flight department meets corporate expectations. READ MORE

How to Take Your Flight Department to the Next Level of Performance

How is your Business Aviation flight department doing? What is the next plateau of operational excellence? What does the organization need to do to get there? Wouldn't you like to know -- on a totally confidential basis? READ MORE

Hiring the Right Business Aviation Professional Part II: Onboarding

Part I of this business aviation hiring series examined the best approaches to take when making a great hire and ensuring that that candidate is the right fit. As a follow up, I'm relying on the business aviation industry's best finder of talent, Sheryl Barden, to provide post-hire onboarding strategies. These strategies and tactics will help ensure that your newly acquired aviation professional survives (and prospers) during their first 90 days. READ MORE

Five Reasons Aviation Directors Should Partner with a Trusted Advisor

Managing a corporate flight department today requires a multitude of talents and abilities. Here's why it's important to partner with a trusted advisor. READ MORE

Hiring the Right Business Aviation Professional: Part I

Hiring the most ideal, best-suited business aviation professional is no easy task. It requires merging a great cultural fit with superior skills and an attitude focused upon the organization's success. Here are our bizav recruiting tips. READ MORE

First 100 Days, Part II: I'm a new Business Aviation Director, Now What?

Every day in the life of a new Director of Business Aviation is different and nobody can predict the plethora of issues that may come up over the course of a single business day. But, there's nothing like being prepared for situations to ensure the first 100 days on the job are seamless. READ MORE

How to Be an Effective Business Aviation Director

The first three months of any job can be challenging. Learn how to be an effective business aviation director in the first 100 days. READ MORE