Understanding Aircraft Charter & Management

For the Aircraft Owner Considering a Charter Management Arrangement

Have you been considering placing your aircraft with a charter management firm?

Do you have a recognized business aviation industry expert as your advocate? Do you want to enter this arrangement knowing what expectations are realistic?

The principals of Gray Stone Advisors have been on both sides of your envisioned transaction.

We have been the aircraft owner. We have been the chief operating officer of the Part 135 charter management firm. We know what's realistic/possible, and most importantly, what's not.

If you hate surprises and disappointment, let's talk.

If you want to understand the charter management business model, let's talk.

If you want to have clear and realizable financial projections, let's talk.

For the Aircraft Charter Management Executive

Want a fresh perspective? Looking for a "no ear candy" assessment of where your business is now and where its headed?

Gray Stone Advisors offers you a world of practical, real experience in the business model design and operation charter management firms.

We have a proven track record of leading, improving and growing successful charter management organizations. We thoroughly understand what it takes to be successful. We help you make it happen, leveraging our expertise in financing and capitalization, expense control, margin maximization, marketing and sales, operations, regulatory compliance, governance, workforce performance and aircraft owner relationships.

Our approach is "hands-on" and "fact-based." We work with you in a no-nonsense manner. We have your best interests as our first priority.


Give us a call. You'll be delighted. We guarantee it!