About Gray Stone Advisors

For 20+ years, the business aviation consultants at Gray Stone Advisors have helped aviation businesses of all sizes--including FAR Part 91, 91K and 135--successfully prepare for and implement change.

Our advisors combine experience in both business and business aviation to provide flight department leaders and company executives with operational assessments and strategies for improvement.

Just what do we do our business aviation consultants do?

By "simplifying the business of business aviation," our Advisors work with all layers of aviation personnel, corporate senior executives and family office representatives to help them become truly adept in all of the aspects of leading an aviation service business.  

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Business aviation advisory services

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to our engagements. Rather, the only common denominator is that we focus of the "business of business aviation."

Each client engagement is a unique opportunity requiring a customized mix of skill sets. Therefore, we collaborate with carefully selected industry affiliates to effectively address and tailor solutions to a wide spectrum of client requirements.

Our clients learn how to better maximize and quantify the value created by their business aviation operations and reach even higher levels of operating and financial performance.

We help them do this by aligning with the strategic direction of the host enterprise while focusing on performance metrics, financial strategies, fleet plans, team development and effective communications with all stakeholders.

Many of our business aviation consulting engagements include these aviation-related services:

  • Aviation performance dashboards and value creation metrics
  • Assessments and/or implementation of:
    • Safety Management Systems (SMS)
    • Quality Management Systems
  • Benchmarking flight department performance with peer groups
  • Business aviation organizational design and assessment
  • Business skills strengthening (e.g., leadership, metrics and performance dashboards, finance, reporting, planning)¬†
  • Communication skills strengthening (within the department and with senior executives)
  • Consulting with Aviation Reporting Executives
  • Current state assessments (entire operation or functional area)
  • Crisis stabilization and turnaround solutions for Part 91 and Part 135 organizations¬†
  • Establishment of vision, mission, values and leadership competencies
  • Executive leadership and mentoring
  • Financial strategy and budgeting
  • Fleet and asset planning (aircraft needs analysis and selection)
  • IS-BAO audit preparation (Stages I through III)
  • Negotiation assistance with insurance coverage and premiums
  • Ongoing coaching for individual team members, including leadership.
  • On-site interim leadership
  • Operational and financial modeling tools


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